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Posted by Danman87 - January 17th, 2019

For those curious, I've been working on a story-based metroidvania game with survival elements for roughly a year now! You can follow the progess on Twitter, where I tend to post the occassional update, including the periodically nerdy tech talk! https://twitter.com/LightyearsGame

I've pinned the press release to the top of the page as well! Note that this project certainly won't be something that will be finalized anytime soon, it's slowly entering a state where it looks somewhat presentable whatsoever!



Posted by Danman87 - June 4th, 2018

Oh hey, never thought I'd log on here again, but here I am!

After almost 10 years I've decided to make an appearance here again and post some music that I've written throughout the recent years. There's a few reasons why I've made this decision, with the most determining factor probably being the removal of the usage permission you automatically gave to Flash authors when uploading audio. This often used to be bend way beyond its original idea, as I remember finding my work in games that ended up generating what was probably a decent amount of ad revenue and appearing on commercial sites that barely had anything to do with Newgrounds anymore. I've only heard of a revision to this system one year ago, which already had me considering a bit of a comeback.

The feeling of nostalgia might be the next reason for my comeback. This was mostly sparked by my friends and collegues pftq and Waterflame, who are still actively posting here. We've been travelling around quite a bit and shared a decent amount of experiences from what's been going on around here. In general I met a decent amount of people who I originally met on Newgrounds and always found that I got along well with them, this might have led me to the conclusion that I quite enjoy being around in this community, as in the end, the good experiences that came from this site ended up outweighting the negative ones.

Note that I haven't planned a huge comeback with fireworks and confetti, as I'm active on a few other sites as well. For now I'm going to share a few tracks and see if people enjoy them, all while trying to be around on a somewhat daily base again!


Posted by Danman87 - January 17th, 2016

Hey Newgrounds!


I'm revamping my Youtube Channel this year, if you could subscribe to my channel you'd make sure to not miss anything new! It's been a while since I've posted an update here, I hope all of you guys are doing well, especially since I still keep in touch with a lot of people from here up to this day.



Posted by Danman87 - July 5th, 2014

The First Five Years is finally out! You can get the album on Loudr, or on iTunes, Google PLAY, Pandora and Spotify.

Since I basically started out on this site, I thought it would be nice to post it here as well. I want to thank everyone for their patience and support. It's finally here!


Posted by Danman87 - December 20th, 2013

Since I'm still getting PMs here, even though I haven't posted anything in 4 years, I thought it would be a good idea to point people to my Soundcloud account. I'm using this pro account to upload pretty much everything I'm doing in my freetime, plus a few commercial cues. If you're looking for any new music coming from me, I'd recommend you to go there, since I won't be uploading it here. :)